Technical Services

Facility Evaluation / Time And Motion Studies

Facility Evaluation (FE) is a procedure used to determine the fair and reasonable monetary value of the facilities provided by the employer to his/her employees.

Applications for FE are filed with the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board (RTWPB) having jurisdiction over the workplace. Applications filed with the DOLE Regional Office and field offices will be immediately forwarded to the appropriate RTWPB. FE is conducted by the RTWPBs.


Tamang Kaalaman Sa Kita At Kakayanan (T3K)

T3K is a public awareness campaign on wages, incomes and productivity aimed at (1) increasing compliance with the prescribed minimum wage rates and (2) increasing productivity advocates through a heightened level of consciousness of both workers and employers on the applicable minimum wage rates, productivity training programs, and productivity-based pay scheme.