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The Productivity Journey of 2017 Productivity Olympics National Winners

Agribusiness Sector

Micro Category

Kerobee Farm, Cordillera Administrative Region

            Kerobee Farm produces honey and is engaged in organic vegetable farming.

            Before their productivity journey, production yield was low due to its traditional nursery management and the absence of good greenhouse technology.

            The company managed to improve its performance with the adoption of FDA food safety and quality standards, greenhouse upgrading, scientific nursery management, mechanization of drying and shredding processes and tea bag packing, and composting and vermicomposting.

            With these productivity improvement initiatives, Kerobee Farm realized a 300% increase in harvest which brought about annual increases in sales, income, and productivity. Today, Kerobee Farm prides itself as an agri-tourism, serving as a training ground for agriculturists and organic enthusiasts.

Small Category

Pamora Farm, Cordillera Administrative Region

            Pamora Farm Started in 2000 as a backyard farm before expanding into a corporation in 2004. It raises free-range poultry and sells dressed chickens and eggs.

            Prior to its productivity journey, Pamora’s production was low due to the limited capacity of its dressing plant and lack of equipment for chicken dressing and product development and high chick mortality rate.

            By acquiring additional machines and equipment like trolleys, vacuum sealers, meat grinders and generators; construction of additional chicken houses and a waste water treatment facility; use of gravity-fed water system; adoption of vermicomposting and use of organic fertilizers and herbal antibiotics, Pamora was able to reduce its process cycle time, increase revenues, and savings and overall productivity.

Medium Category

Raw Brown Sugar Milling Company Incorporated, Cordillera Administrative Region

            Raw Brown Sugar Milling Company Incorporated was established in 2010 as a corporation engaged in sugar plantation and in the manufacture of organic muscovado.

            For years, the company’s core processes were done manually and operations suffered from low steam generation efficiency and high electricity costs.

            To address these problems, Raw Brown Sugar mechanized more of its processes, upgraded its machines and equipment, and installed inverters and shifted to LED for more efficient energy use. These resulted in higher revenues and a net increase in total productivity.

Industry Sector

Micro Category

Mid-East Sweets, Cagayan Valley Region

            Mid-East Sweets produces food variants made of dates.

            Before starting its productivity journey, the company had difficulty expanding its market and in maintaining food production standards.

            In a span of 2 years, Mid-East Sweets was able to expand its market even serving its Muslim consumers by securing Halal Certification for its products and processes, adopting good manufacturing practices, complying with local and international packaging and nutritional labeling standards, mechanizing some of its processes for safer food handling and the establishment of appropriate control standards.

            As a result, Mid-East Sweets’ revenue increased by 200%, sales by 52% and total productivity by 5%.

Small Category

Tokyo Steel Philippines Corporation, Central Visayas Region

            Tokyo Steel Philippines Corporation is a PEZA-registered company since 1997 as a manufacturer and exporter of ultra-precise stainless steel shafts.

            Like many companies in the industry, Tokyo Steel faced with high costs of production including the cost of sludge waste management and machines operating at below capacity.

            By introducing innovations in waste or sludge treatment, adoption of energy conservation measures, machine and equipment upgrade, continuous process improvement and 5S, Tokyo Steel Corporation reduced production costs, improved efficiency in energy use and optimized the use of its machines.

Service Sector

Micro Category

Kooperatiba Naton Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Western Visayas Region

            Kooperatiba Naton Multi-Purpose Cooperative was formed in December 2004 with 25 members and an initial capital of P7,000.00. Today, membership has grown to 1,009 members and 9 employees.

            Prior to their productivity journey, Kooperatiba Naton had no systematized processes, its corporate values were not integrated into the day-to-day operations and the services it offered to its members remained limited.

            With the adoption of simple productivity tools like 5S, organization of the workplace and work techniques and the inculcation of organizational values and ethics, the cooperative increased its membership, doubled its capital build-up and savings and more than doubled its income.

Small Category

Motorline Trading, Western Visayas Region

            Motorline Trading is a vehicle and farm machineries dealer carrying brands like Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki.

            Before adopting productivity improvement programs, Motorline was saddled with problems of high employee turnover, high customer complaints, long processes, and no records filing and storage system.

            To address these problems, Motorline implemented: Oplan “Lambing” (Customer Care), Project “Shape Up” (Employee Training and Values Formation), Project “Stand Out” (Improvement of Internal Processes), Customer Satisfaction Measurement, and 5S of Good Housekeeping.

            With these programs in place, the company reduced customer complaints to almost zero, increased sales and profits.

Posted:  November 10, 2017



2017 Productivity Olympics National Winners

            The NWPC recognized eight MSME national winners during the awarding ceremonies of the 2017 Productivity Olympics on October 25, 2017 at the Sequoia Hotel in Quezon City.

            Secretary Bello, in his message, said that the DOLE hoped to inspire other micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to start their own journey through the Productivity Olympics. He expressed optimism that MSMEs will evolve into a high value-adding sector of the economy with the help of the DOLE, DTI, and other government agencies.

            In his message of support, Congressman Randolph S. Ting congratulated the DOLE and NWPC for their continued commitment, dedication, and support to enterprises and workers for a better future for all Filipino workers and their families.

            The 2017 national winners for the Agribusiness Sector were: Kerobee Farm (Cordillera Administrative Region), Pamora Farm Incorporated (Cordillera Administrative Region), and Raw Brown sugar Milling Company Inc. (Central Visayas Region). For the Industry Sector, the national winners were Mid-East Sweets (Cagayan Valley Region) and Tokyo Steel Philippines Corporation (Central Visayas Region). For the Service Sector, the national winners were Kooperatiba Naton Multi-Purpose Cooperative (Western Visayas Region), Motorline Trading Incorporated (Cagayan Valley Region), and Pandayan Bookshop (National Capital Region).

            Each of the national winners received a cash award of P100,000, a trophy, and priority endorsements to other DOLE training programs and services.

            Special citations were also given to the following MSME finalists for their notable performance: Bagnos Multi-Purpose Cooperative (Ilocos Region); Association of Differently-Abled Persons Multi-Purpose Cooperative (Davao Region); and FRP Philippines Corporation (CALABARZON Region).

            Meanwhile, Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board-CAR won the 2017 Best Regional Board.

Posted:  November 10, 2017



NSC evaluates PO national nominees

            The National Screening Committees (NSC) screened 127 MSME-national nominees of the 2017 Productivity Olympics on August 29, 2017 at the A. Venue Hotel, Makati Avenue, Makati City.

            From 127 nominees, the NSCs selected 23 national finalists from the agribusiness, industry, and service sectors who will present their best productivity improvement programs to the National Judging Panel on September 15, 2017. The NSCs are tripartite committees created to select the MSME-national finalists who will compete for the national award.

            The Productivity Olympics, a biennial event organized by the NWPC, recognizes the best productivity practices of micro, small, and medium enterprises.

Posted:  October 10, 2017



RTWPB-I conduct training for Retail/Service establishments

            To assist retail and service establishments develop and implement productivity improvement programs, RTWPB I conducted a training on Retail Service: Merchandising and Visual Merchandising in Calasiao, Pangasinan on August 18, 2017.

            The training, attended by 20 participants representing 14 retail and service establishments, focused on the selling process, visual merchandise display, control stock for productivity improvement, and loss reduction.

Posted:  October 10, 2017



Cabadbaran City goes green

            RTWPB-Caraga conducted Green Productivity training to 58 participants from 51 micro, small, and medium enterprises of Cabadbaran City on July 19, 2017 at Anino Roadside Eatery, National Highway, Cabadbaran City.

            Board Secretary Earl Dela Victoria emphasized that the training aims to inculcate a mindset and culture of green productivity towards more efficient and sustainable production processes.

            Green Productivity is a training program which offers low cost, simple, and easy to understand green productivity concepts and practices.

Posted:  October 10, 2017



NWPC extends technical assistance in Caraga, Davao, CAR

            The NWPC, through Ms. Maria Rosa D. Opis, Ms. Julie C. Llorente, Mr. Enrique P. Reyes, Mr. Francis Michael G. Atangan, and Ms. Terence Joy O. Amores, provided technical assistance to RTWPBs during the Retail/Service and Lean Management training in Baguio (July 27-28, 2017), Davao, (August 7-8) and Butuan City (August 17-18).

            The Retail/Service Training covers topics on the selling processes, improving productivity through merchandise display, controlling stock, and reducing loss. Meanwhile, lean management training covers topics on concepts and principles of lean management, types of wastes, and lean tools and techniques.

Posted:  October 9, 2017



Usapang 2Ps ends in CDO

            The last joint NWPC-RTWPB Usapang 2Ps was held at Pearlmont Hotel, Inc. in Cagayan de Oro on August 7, 2017 with 129 workers and 97 MSMEs in attendance.

            Present during the event were Executive Director Ma. Criselda R. Sy, Regional Director Joffrey M. Suyao, Board Member Rev. Prudencio T. Plaza, Jr. and Board Member Arsenio L. Sebastian III, with Board Secretary Ma. Vergel Bersales-Walag as host.

            Ms. Mercedes P. Mejia of SLERS, as productivity champion and Productivity Toolbox beneficiary, shared SLERS’ productivity journey and encouraged the participants to adopt productivity improvement programs. This was followed by a brief orientation on the Productivity Toolbox by Ms. Terence O. Amores and on Performance Incentive Schemes by Director Jamie-Lyn Jamias.

            Regional Director Suyao expressed gratitude to the participants and encouraged them to avail of the productivity training programs and technical assistance offered by RTWPB-X.

            Executive Director Sy, in closing, took note of the importance of improving productivity and competitiveness towards preparing business enterprises for economic integration especially within the ASEAN region.

            To date, Usapang 2Ps has been conducted in 16 regions from May 4 to Augsut 7, 2017. In all, a total of 1,541 employers and workers from about 1,140 participating MSMEs participated in the caravan.

Posted:  October 9, 2017



Livelihood Workshop for NWPC employees

            In coordination with the Manila Manpower Development Center, the NWPC organized Livelihood Workshop on Table Skirting and Napkins with Table Setting at the NWPC Conference Room on August 10, 2017, prioritizing senior citizen employees of NWPC and RTWPB-NCR.

            The workshop was conducted in line with our agency’s quarterly welfare activities which include livelihood programs for senior citizens, especially those nearing retirement.

Posted:  October 6, 2017



NWPC, RTWPB conduct MYPA on Financial Management

            To improve the organization’s compliance with the requirements of government accounting and auditing rules and regulations, the NWPC conducted a mid-year performance assessment on financial management and a workshop on e-NGAS and e-budget system.

            The activity, which was participated by NWPC and RTWPB accountants and budget officers/designates, was held from August 30 to September 1, 2017 at H2O Hotel, Manila. Representatives from the Commission on Audit provided updates on the implementation of e-NGAS and e-budget system.

Posted:  October 6, 2017



Learning Session on Handling Administrative Cases

            NWPC conducted a second run of its Learning Session on Handling Administrative Cases on August 30, 2017 with Atty. Florence P. Daquioag, Chief of Legal Representation Division of DOLE Legal Services as resource person. Her lecture focused on the effective investigation techniques, the principles of due process, conducting proper investigation and documentation and The Seven Tests of Just Cause.

            NWPC’s Learning Sessions are facilities for educating and updating the public on labor and employment laws, policies, and programs.

Posted:  October 5, 2017



Experts talk productivity

            The Commission proper held its first round table discussion (RTD) on productivity and quality with Mr. Arnel Abanto, Vice-President of the Development Academy of the Philippines on August 9, 2017 at the Cravings in Quezon City.

            The DAP expert pointed to over-regulation as a hindering factor to total productivity. Citing a DAP study of five (5) priority industries, Mr. Abanto revealed that these industries are covered by 55 regulatory agencies, compliance to which can be costly and burdensome to enterprises.

            Mr. Abanto added that productivity of growth necessitates a conducive environment for enterprises and industries to thrive and grow. He added, that at present, there is no government agency that checks on the impact of the regulatory environment on business.

            On the observed growth in total factor productivity, Assistant Secretary Alex V. Avila surmised that the acquisition of diffusion of technology, to a considerable extent, explain such trend.

            The outputs of the RTDs will serve as inputs to the crafting of an NWPC productivity agenda which would focus on the development of micro, small, and medium enterprises.

Posted:  October 5, 2017



Metro Manila Workers to get ₱21 wage increase

            Minimum wage earners in the private sector in Metro Manila will receive an additional ₱21 per day in their basic wage starting October 5, 2017, DOLE Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III announced.

            The Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board – National Capital Region approved Wage Order No. RB NCR-21 for all minimum wage earners which brings the minimum wage for the non-agriculture to ₱512 from ₱491.

            Meanwhile, workers in the agriculture, retail/service establishments employing 15 workers or less, and manufacturing establishments regularly employing less than 10 workers will receive a new minimum wage rate of ₱475.

            Secretary Bello said that the decision to increase the minimum wage in the region was derived from the inputs from the various stakeholders from the workers and employers’ group and the government during the consultations and public hearings.

            RTWPB-NCR considered the various criteria in setting the minimum wage under Republic Act 6727 or the Wage Rationalization Act.

            Domestic workers, persons in the personal service of another, and workers of duly registered Barangay Micro Business Enterprises (BMBEs) with Certificate of Authority are not covered by the new wage order.

            Wage Order No. NCR-21 also states that all workers paid by result, including those who are paid on piecework, "takay," "pakyaw," or task basis, shall be entitled to receive the prescribed minimum wage per eight hours of work per day, or a proportion thereof for working less than eight hours.

            The new wage order allows exemption only for distressed establishments, retail/service establishments regularly employing not more than 10 workers, and establishments adversely affected by calamities such as natural and human-induced disasters.

            Wage Order No. NCR-21 was published in the Philippine Star on September 20, 2017.

Posted:  September 20, 2017



NWPC joins DOLE, DTI’s Assembly for TNK

            The NWPC participated in the DOLE-DTI Assembly for the Trabaho, Negosyo, at Kabuhayan (TNK) initiative last July 25 at the Philippine Trade Training Center in Pasay City.

            Led by DOLE Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III and DTI Secretary Ramon M. Lopez , the activity was an offshoot of the employment and livelihood summit held last December 2016 which sealed DOLE’s and DTI’s commitment to decent job creation, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, formalization and growth of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), youth unemployment reduction, and education and training.

            The topics discussed during the assembly were: 1) The Blueprint for Decent Employment and Entrepreneurship 2017-2022, 2) Updates on Trabaho at Negosyo: Key Employment Generating Sectors; 3) Sustainable Livelihood Framework; 4) TNK Job and Business Fairs 2017; 4) TNK Localization and Joint Action Plan 2017-2022; and 5) TNK Communication Plan.

Posted:  September 15, 2017



NWPC visits the past Productivity Olympics Winners

            The NWPC visited six past Productivity Olympics winners to document and benchmark their strategies and practices in sustaining productivity and quality practices throughout the organization and to their respective supply chains.

            Visited by a composite team from the NWPC were: Greenlight Power (NCR) and M. B. Decena Jr. Livestock (Region II) in July 6, Wellmade Motors & Development Corporation (Region VII) in July 18, Thousand Oaks Packaging (NCR) in July 19, Our Tribe Food Products (CAR) in July 24 and Almora General Hospital (CAR) in July 25. SLERS Industries (Region X) is scheduled to be visited on August 7.

Posted:  September 14, 2017



Learning Session on Minimum Wage Policy, Incentivizing Performance Schemes

            Not withstanding inclement weather, the NWPC conducted its tenth learning session last 27 July on the minimum wage policy and performance or productivity based incentive schemes.

            Maria Praxedes R. Pena, Chief of the Wages Policy and Research Division, was the resource person for both topics. It was attended by 29 participants from various private sector enterprises.

            The NWPC’s Learning Session is a facility for educating and updating the public on labor and employment laws, policies and programs.

Posted:  September 13, 2017



ED Sy presents NWPC’s ISO Journey during 11th Annual QMS Forum

            Executive Director Maria Criselda R. Sy opened the 11th Annual QMS Forum of Rosehall Consultancy Inc. with a presentation of NWPC’s ISO Journey. The event was held at the Marco Polo Hotel, Ortigas, Pasig City last July 27.

            With the theme “ISO 9001:2015: Get Better Results with Smart QMS Implementation,” the NWPC Chief spoke about managing the challenges of moving towards certification within a multi-generational workplace and over a fairly short period of time. She also took pride in the recognition conferred to the agency such as Maturity Level III under the Civil Service Commission’s PRIME or Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management and achievement of first unqualified COA opinion – a testament to the agency’s genuine commitment to quality and excellence.

            In closing, Executive Director Sy inspired the participants by saying “So as you embark on this new challenge, do not lose sight of your mandates and for whom such mandates have been created, exercise transparency and fairness in the implementation of policies and programs, and uphold the trust and respect of the clients you serve.”

Posted:  September 11, 2017



NWPC apprised on Pag-IBIG Benefits and Programs

            NWPC employees participated in a seminar on Pag-IBIG Benefits and Programs organized by the Administrative Division (NWPC) last 24 July with Mr. John Levi J. Munoz, Member Services Officer II of the Marketing and Enforcement Division as the resource speaker.

Posted:  September 6, 2017



2017 Cluster Mid-Year Performance Assessment and Re-Planning Exercise

            The Human Capital Development and Regional Operations Cluster held its pre-MYPA meeting last 21 July at the NWPC Conference Room.

            The activity was chaired by Undersecretary Bernard P. Olalia, Assistant Secretary Alex V. Avila, Assistant Secretary Federico V. Abuan, Jr. and NWPC Executive Director Maria Criselda R. Sy.

            NMP Executive Director Romulo V. Bernardes, NWPC Deputy Executive Director Jeanette T. Damo, and PRC Director Reynaldo Cristobal presented their agencies’ accomplishments, acceleration plans for slow moving and off-track projects and their reformulated work and financial plans.

Posted:  September 5, 2017



NWPC holds Tree Planting Activity

            The NWPC held its 2017 Tree Planting Activity, in coordination with DENR-NCR, last 19-21 July at the DENR Seedling Nursery, La Mesa Dam and Reservoir, Quezon City. This is in continuing support of the government’s National Greening Program.

            Three batches of NWPC employees were formed to do clearing operations and for the actual tree planting activity. Around eighty (80) seedlings of lanete trees were planted by the NWPC employees.

Posted:  September 4, 2017



Seminar on Dangerous Drugs

            As part of Labor and Administrative Continuing Education System (LACES), fifty four (54) employees of NWPC attended a seminar on dangerous drugs last July 17 with speakers from the Department of Health (DOH) and the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB).

            Dr. Clara H. Fuderanan, a medical specialist from the DOH’s Dangerous Drugs Abuse Prevention and Treatment Program (DDAPTP), warned against the harmful effects of dangerous drugs or substance abuse.

            On the legal side, Atty. Daniel A. Adeva III from the Legal Department of the Dangerous Drugs Board, presented the salient features of Republic Act No. 9165, or the “Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.”

            This awareness raising forum is in preparation for the implementation of the Civil Service Commission’s (CSC) Memorandum Circular No. 13, s 2017 directing a random drug test in all government offices by October 31, 2017.

Posted:  August 30, 2017



NWPC organizes Seminar on Records Management

            A seminar on records management and social media was held last July 13-14 at the Orchid Garden Hotel Suites, Malate, Manila.

            Mr. Terence Michael A. Tablizo, Senior Records Management Analyst of the National Archives of the Philippines oriented the participants with the guidelines on records management and archival administration program for NWPC and RTWPBs.

Posted:  August 29, 2017



Free Eye Examination and Color Vision Testing for NWPC employees

            The NWPC was one of the offices selected by the Paterno Eye Center for their Eye Care Outreach Program. The outreach program was held last 11 July.

            The services included on-site vision screening, comprehensive eye examination, and color vision testing. Eyeglasses were also offered to employees who needed corrective measures.

Posted:  August 24, 2017



Capacity Building on Incentivizing Performance Schemes for MSMEs

            A Capability Building on Incentivizing Performance Schemes for MSMEs was organized for the technical staff of the NWPC and RTWPBs last 5 to 6 July, at the ACE Hotel and Suites in Pasig City.

            The training intended to equip the participants with knowledge and skills in providing MSMEs technical assistance in designing performance or productivity based incentive schemes.

Posted:  August 16, 2017



NWPC celebrates 28th Founding Anniversary

            The NWPC celebrated its founding anniversary on 3 July 2017 at the NWPC Conference Room, marking 28 years of setting minimum wages and promoting enterprise and workers’ productivity.

            Undersecretary Bernard P. Olalia graced the event and recognized each and every employee’s contribution to the attainment of the agency’s mandate.

            He acknowledged the Commission’s determination in finding innovative ways of assisting the micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) through the Two-Tiered Wage System and Productivity Toolbox.

            Executive Director Maria Criselda R. Sy expressed her excitement during her welcome remarks, attributing the agency’s milestones to NWPC’s noteworthy performance and accomplishments.

            “The achievement of NWPC in reaching its milestones in the implementation of wage and productivity programs makes this year’s anniversary celebration more meaningful for everyone,” Olalia said.

Posted:  August 15, 2017



NWPC prepares NSC, NJP for 2017 Productivity Olympics

            In preparation for the awarding of the 2017 Productivity Olympics national winners, the NWPC oriented the National Screening Committees (NSC) and the National Judging Panels (NJPs) on the screening criteria and procedures last June 20 and 30. Both screening bodies are tripartite in composition joined by a productivity and quality expert.

            To date, the Regional Boards have submitted more than 127 regional winners competing in the following categories: 22 in agribusiness, 45 in industry, and 60 in service sector. RTWPBs V and XI submitted the most number of regional winners this year at 11 each.

            The national screening will be on August 30 while the national judging will be held on September 19.

Posted:  August 14, 2017



RTWPB XII brings 5S to DENR - Environmental Management Bureau XII

            RTWPB XII conducted training on 5S of Good Housekeeping last June 7 for the Environmental Management Bureau XII (EMB-12) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

            The training was participated by sixty four (64) employees and officers of DENR-Environmental Management Bureau XII. This is part of the Board’s strategy of building strong partnerships with and creating productivity advocates among other government agencies to heighten the region’s consciousness on the importance of productivity improvement.

Posted:  August 11, 2017



5S, ISTIV Bayanihan training in Pangasinan

            Seven livelihood associations in Lingayen and Dagupan were trained in 5S and ISTIV Bayanihan, last May 31 and June 6, respectively.

            The training aimed to equip the participants with knowledge and skills in practical and low-cost housekeeping techniques as well as on positive work values, basic work systems which include marketing, financial planning, inventory/stock control and record keeping.

Posted:  August 10, 2017



RTWPB-CAR holds wage orientation

            To inform the public on the salient features of its new wage orders, RTWPB-CAR conducted a wage orientation on Wage Order CAR-DW-02 for domestic workers and Wage Order RB-CAR-18 for private sector workers.

            The wage orientation for the region’s capital was held at Hotel Supreme on June 13 and was attended by 104 participants. Meanwhile, wage orientations for the provinces of Abra, Apayao, Kalinga and Ifugao held from June 19 to 22 were attended by 145 workers and employers.

Posted:  August 9, 2017



342 MSMEs join Usapang 2Ps

            A total of 342 Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises participated in the June round of Usapang 2Ps: Pasahod at Productivity in Regions I, CAR, VII and IVB.

            Usapang 2Ps is NWPC and RTWPBs’ latest marketing strategy to encourage more enterprises to improve their productivity by availing of the training programs under NWPC’s Productivity Toolbox as well as technical assistance in designing productivity incentive schemes.

            The June Usapang 2Ps were held in Dagupan City (June 6), Baguio City (June 8), Cebu City (June 8), and Calapan City (June 14).

            To date, Usapang 2Ps has been conducted in 15 regions from May 4 to June 14, 2017, attended by more than 1,300 employers and workers from about 1,000 participating MSMEs. The last caravan will be held in Cagayan de Oro on August 7.

Posted:  August 8, 2017



NWPC, RTWPBs adopts new e-Productivity Toolbox Information System

            A Users’ Training was held last June 29-30, 2017 at the Hive Hotel and Convention Place to familiarize the technical staff of the NWPC and RTWPBs with the new e-Productivity Toolbox Information System.

            The features of the new information system allow paperless and greater efficiency and effectiveness in the reporting transactions between the Regional Boards and NWPC. The system also allows quick response to applications for training and other related queries from workers and MSMEs.

            The information from the new system will enable the Commission and the Boards manage and streamline its productivity programs through informed and evidence-based decisions.

Posted:  August 7, 2017



RTWPB-I launches first SQ training for 2017

            RTWPB-I launched its first Service Quality (SQ) training for 2017 last May 29 at the Ligang Barangay Office, Candon City, Ilocos Sur.

            Sixteen hotels, resorts, and restaurants participated in the training program with commitments to implement error-free service to their customers.

            Board Secretary Romina Boado-Cabrillos and Mr. Ben Donglayan of RTWPB-I served as resource speakers during the training.

            Candon City in Ilocos Sur is dubbed as the “Tobacco Capital of the Philippines” and was chosen to be the first SQ training beneficiary for 2017 because of its vital role in the development of the region.

Posted:  August 4, 2017



NWPC organizes Learning Session on Tax Exemption

            The NWPC organized a Learning Session on Tax Exemption for Minimum Wage Earners on June 29, 2017 at the NWPC Conference Room with Ms.Lani C. Gameng of the Bureau of Internal Revenue as the resource speaker.

            The session discussed the categories of taxpayers, composition of gross income, de minimis benefits, taxable compensation, and non-taxable compensation.

            Given the numerous queries on the topic, the NWPC, after coordinating with the BIR, is set to release its new brochure on taxable and non-taxable compensation income and benefits for use and reference of the general public.

Posted:  August 3, 2017



NWPC’s first unqualified COA opinion

            NWPC received its first unqualified COA opinion having satisfied the state auditor in all material respects, which means compliance in form and content with all statutory accounting and auditing rules and regulations of the agency’s true and fair reflection of its financial condition, position, and operations.

Posted:  August 2, 2017



NWPC attends training on social media

            Administrative Officer V Jerome P. Lucas attended the seminar on “Maximizing the Online Presence of an Organization” at the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication (AIJC) Training Room, NOW Planet TV Building, Sampaloc, Manila last June 20-21.

            Emphasizing the relevance and importance of social media, the seminar taught the participants how to develop a social media plan, manage content for social media, create infographics, and evaluate and improve social media presence.

Posted:  August 1, 2017



Learning Session on LMC and Productivity in the Workplace

            During the Learning Session jointly organized by the A Society of Advocates of Peace and Process, Inc. (ASAPP) and National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB) on July 25, 2017 at Mondelez International, Inc., Parañaque City, Deputy Executive Director Jeanette T. Damo discussed the subject matter on Labor-Management Cooperation (LMC): Driving Energy Management and Productivity in the Workplace.

            In her presentation, Director Damo explained the role of LMC or a semblance of a bipartite workplace cooperation structure in the workplace as a mechanism to promote and implement productivity improvement programs and productivity or performance-based pay incentive schemes as well as non-traditional welfare programs.

            In her talk, she gave concrete examples on the positive effects of embarking on a productivity journey by showcasing the successful experience of beneficiary-establishments of the programs notably that of Cauayan Medical Specialists Hospital in Cauayan, Isabela and Marsha’s Delicacies in Bantay, Ilocos Sur.

            Relative to this, she encouraged the participants especially the HR officers to avail of Productivity Toolbox and Performance/Productivity-Based Pay Incentive Schemes as part of their continuing efforts to improve the productivity and competitiveness of their company and workers.

            The event was participated by more than 80 participants both from the labor and management sectors. The learning session was also graced by other speakers from DOLE-NCR, BLR and ECOP.

Posted:  July 28, 2017



NWPC joins consultations on DO 156-16

            The NWPC participated in the tripartite consultations on Department Order No. 156-16 – “Rules and Regulations Governing the Working and Living Conditions of Fishers Onboard Fishing Vessels Engaged In Commercial Fishing Operations” last May 16 at the LM Metro Hotel, Tetuan, Zamboanga City and May 31 at the DOLE Conference Room.

            This is in compliance with the memorandum issued by Undersecretary Joel Maglunsod for the concerned DOLE-Regional Offices to convene fishing industry tripartite consultations to gather comments and recommendations on the aforementioned issuance. Among the issues raised were insufficient consultations prior to the issuance of the DO, legal basis for the issuance of the DO, definition of field personnel, application of technical provisions to small commercial fishing vessels and, inclusion of provisions under the authority and expertise of other agencies such as the MARINA.

            The industry players were requested to re-submit their position papers for endorsement to Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III.

Posted:  July 26, 2017



RTWPB NCR screens PO Nominees

            RTWPB NCR screened nine MSMEs as its entries to the 2017 Productivity Olympics last April 25, May 23, and 24 at the NWPC Conference Room. The Board, acting as the Regional Screening Committee (RSC), was joined by a productivity and quality expert from DTI, Mr. Phillip Jason Roque in evaluating the MSME-nominees.

            Establishments from agribusiness, industry, and service sectors showcased their notable productivity improvement programs and the impact of these programs on their workers and business’ performance. The regional winners will be declared and awarded on July 4, 2017.

Posted:  July 25, 2017



Bantayan Goes Green

            RTWPB VII conducted the Green Productivity training in Sta. Fe, Bantayan last May 11.

            Sta. Fe. Bantayan, one of Cebu’s tourist attractions because of its pristine white sand beaches, is home to several hotels, resorts, and restaurants. About 17 of them participated in the one-day Green Productivity training and committed to implement green productivity improvement programs.

            The training was conducted in coordination with the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Bantayan Chapter, through the active support of the Chamber’s Executive Director Mr. Gal Minoria.

Posted:  July 24, 2017



RTWPB-I, PESO conduct Retail and Service Training in Pangasinan

            To assist retail and service establishments in developing and implementing productivity improvement programs, RTWPB-I partnered with PESO Pangasinan and ECC to train 22 participants from 19 establishments in Alaminos Pangasinan on April 28, 2017.

            The training for the retail/service sector focused on four areas: (1) The Selling Process, (2) Improving Productivity through Merchandise Display, (3) Control Stock for Productivity Improvement, and (4) Reducing Loss to Improve Productivity.

            Atty. Romina Boado-Cabrillos, Ms. Virginia Imelda Salvador, and Mr. Ben Donglayan of RTWPB-I served as resource persons for the training.

Posted:  July 19, 2017



Learning session on labor laws compliance organized

            The NWPC organized a learning session on labor laws compliance last May 25 at the NWPC Conference Room to raise awareness and compliance with labor laws.

            As resource person, Mr. Nicanor V. Bon, division chief of the Bureau of Working Conditions, discussed the general labor standards, procedures for the conduct of joint assessment, compliance visit, occupational safety and health standards investigation, and special assessment visit of establishments.

Posted:  July 18, 2017



RTWPB VII, PQPM Visayas host learning session

            Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board VII, in cooperation with The Philippine Quality and Productivity Movement – Visayas, Inc., conducted its first learning session for 2017 last May 5 at the City Sports Club Cebu.

            Sixty participants from various establishments in Cebu attended the half-day learning session on Wage Order ROVII-20, Department Order 174 (D.O. 174) on contracting and subcontracting, Republic Act 10911 (Anti-Age Discrimination Law), and Natural and Organic Urban Farming.

Posted:  July 17, 2017



DBP to NWPC employees: The best time to invest is now

            “The best time to invest is now,” said DBP Relationship Officer Jennica I. Manalo during the financial wellness seminar organized by the NWPC in coordination with the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) on May 26, 2017.

            The seminar on the various trust banking and deposit products of DBP sought to encourage NWPC employees to invest their finances in secure portfolios.

Posted:  July 5, 2017



NWPC, RTWPBs launch Usapang 2Ps: Pasahod at Productivity

            To foster better understanding of the importance and benefits of productivity improvement, the NWPC and its RTWPBs launched Usapang 2Ps: Pasahod at Productivity from May to June 2017.

            Usapang 2Ps is a marketing strategy to encourage enterprises to improve productivity by availing of the training programs under NWPC’s Productivity Toolbox and technical assistance in designing productivity incentive schemes. It also served as forum for deepening the Regional Boards’ engagement with micro, small, and medium enterprises in their respective regions.

            To more effectively communicate the productivity message, the first half of the caravan begins with a brief testimony from a Productivity Olympics winner from the host-region detailing their productivity journey and how they benefited from the assistance provided by the Board. This is followed by an audio visual presentation and brief lecture on the NWPC/RTWPB productivity programs and an open forum.

            The second half of the caravan is a one-on-one cliniquing session as avenue for employers and workers who want to seek solutions to productivity-related issues in the workplace. It is also an opportunity for the Boards to encourage enterprises to undergo full cycle training in any of the training programs under the Productivity Toolbox.

            The nationwide caravan kicked off in Davao City (May 4) and was followed by caravans in Iloilo City (May 5); Palo, Leyte (May 9); Zamboanga City (May 9); Naga City (May 11); Butuan City (May 12); Clark, Pampanga (May 16); Calamba, Laguna (May 17); General Santos City (May 19); Sta. Ana, Cagayan (May 25); and Taguig City (May 30).

            To date, there were a total of 882 employers and workers from 674 MSMEs who participated in the regional caravans.

            For June 2017, the NWPC and RTWPBs will conduct caravans in Dagupan City (June 6); Baguio City (June 8); Cebu City (June 8), and; Calapan City (June 14). The caravan in Cagayan de Oro City was reset for July.

Posted:  June 23, 2017



NWPC Directors attend Leadership Congress

            NWPC Executive Director Maria Criselda R. Sy and Deputy Executive Directors Patricia P. Hornilla, and Jeanette T. Damo attended the 7th Though Leaders’ Congress convened by the Career Executive Service Board (CESB) last May 21 at the Diamond Hotel, Roxas Boulevard, Manila.

            With the theme “Resilient Governance: Leading Strong with a Heart,” this year’s annual congress featured exemplary and transformational leaders with inspiring and life-changing stories on leadership and governance.

            Mr. Acmad Rizaldy P. Moti, OIC-Chief Executive Officer of the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) served as the keynote speaker for the event. Joining him with their own transformational leadership stories were Ms. Brenda L. Nazareth-Manzano, former Undersecretary of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST); Mr. Ronnel A. Del Rio, currently Housing and Homesite Regulation Officer of the Provincial Administrator’s Office; Mr. Julius A. Lecciones, M.D., CESO III, one of the country’s leading expert in childhood cancer; and Mr. Mariano R. Alquiza, Assistant Secretary of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

Posted:  June 22, 2017



NWPC holds team building in Zambales

            The NWPC held its teambuilding exercise last April 25-26 at Dawal Beach Resort in Candelaria, Zambales with the theme “How to Deal with a Multi-Generational Workplace”.

            The structured learning experiences (SLEs) were designed to enhance communication, interpersonal skills and teamwork in a multi-generational workplace environment. It fostered better appreciation of the differences in needs and expectations of each generation and helped employees manage unconscious biases and negative stereotyping.

            Ms. Terence O. Amores and Mr. Francis G. Atangan led the program activities.

Posted:  June 21, 2017



RTWPB-Caraga shares Productivity 101 to safety and health advocates

            RTWPB-Caraga, in coordination with the Occupational Safety and Health Center and DOLE – Caraga, oriented 120 safety and health advocates from various industries and government agencies at the Balanghai Hotel and Convention Center last April 19-20, 2017.

            With the theme “Sustaining OSH Excellence in Mindanao Through Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction,” the Board explained how occupational safety and health are key to improving and maintaining productivity in the workplace.

Posted:  June 15, 2017



RTWPB-II conducts ISTIV PAP Training

            RTWPB-II conducted the ISTIV Productivity Awareness Program (PAP) training for 81 MSMEs last April 19, 2017 at the Mango Suites Hotel, Santiago City, Isabela. It was organized in coordination with DOLE – Isabela Field Office and the Isabela Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

            The Board also gave a brief orientation on the 2017 Productivity Olympics and provided technical assistance to MSMEs who expressed interest in joining the said event.

Posted:  June 13, 2017



RTWPB I goes on air

            Last April 19, 2017, RTWPB-I Board Secretary Atty. Romina E. Boado-Cabrillos and Supervising Labor Employment Officer Nathaniel Pineda graced the afternoon program “Amuen Tayo” of DZNL “Aksyon Radyo” - La Union, as part of the Board's advocacy intiatives. Discussed during the program were Wage Order RB 1-18 and Wage Oder No. DW-01, Productivity Toolbox, and the ongoing 2017 Productivity Olympics.

Posted:  June 9, 2017



Micro enterprises trained in ISTIV Bayanihan, 5S

            Sixteen (16) micro enterprises in Ilocos Sur were trained in ISTIV Bayanihan and 5S of Good Housekeeping at the DOST Provincial S&T Center, Vigan City on March 23, 2017.

            The training on ISTIV values and 5S was conducted by Ms. Virginia Imelda Salvador, Mr. Ben Donglayan and Atty. Romina Boado-Cabrillos of RTWPB-I.

Posted:  June 8, 2017



RTWPB-CAR joins orientation on new DOLE issuances

            RTWPB CAR joined DOLE-CAR and other attached agencies in an orientation on new DOLE issuances last April 10-11 at DOLE-CAR in Baguio City.

            It was organized to educate DOLE-CAR employees on the salient features of DO 174-2017 and guide the region’s labor laws compliance officers implement the new rules. Also discussed were Decision Making and Disposition Cases on Labor Only Contracting (LOC), new DILEEP Guidelines, IRR of SPES, and the PESO Act.

Posted:  June 7, 2017



Oslob goes SQ

            As one of the fastest growing tourism destination in Southern Cebu, Oslob was one of RTWPB-VII’s first SQ training beneficiary in 2017. The training was held last March 23-24 at the Oslob Tourism Office.

            More than 60 hotels, resorts, and restaurants participated in the two-day training program, designed to teach participants the principles of error-free service and error recovery, especially in the delivery of frontline services.

            Oslob Mayor Jose Tumulak Jr. graced the event and thanked the Board for its asisstance. He remained hopeful that the participants will apply their learnings and make service quality a way of life.

Posted:  June 6, 2017



New Japanese Labor Attache visits NWPC

            The new Japanese Labor Attache to the Philippines, Mr. Manabu Yasukawa made a courtesy call on the NWPC Directors on April 4, 2017. Labor Attache Yasukawa was apprised of the Department’s wage and productivity policies and programs.

Posted:  June 5, 2017



NWPC hosted the DOLE flag ceremony

            As host of the DOLE flag raising ceremony held at the Local Governance Learning Center on April 10, 2017, the NWPC presented its major accomplishments for the first quarter of 2017.

Posted:  June 2, 2017



NWPC organizes stress management programs

            As part of the NWPC’s stress management program, NWPC employees were treated to free massage and haircut services by the Manila City government’s Manila Manpower Development Company on April 17, 2017.

Posted:  June 1, 2017



NWPC organizes learning session on Handling Administrative Cases

            The NWPC organized a Learning Session on Handling Administrative Cases on May 5, 2017 at the NWPC Conference Room with Atty. Stephanie Tabladillo-Yanson of the DOLE-Legal Service as the resource speaker.

Posted:  May 31, 2017



New minimum wage for workers in Regions CAR and V

            Starting June 5, 2017, workers in private establishments in CAR will receive an additional ₱15 Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) bringing the daily minimum wage rate for all industries/sectors employing 11 or more workers to ₱300.00 in Baguio and La Trinidad; ₱290.00 in Tabuk City, Bangued, Bontoc, Lagawe, Banawe, Buguias, Bauko, Sagada, and Tublay, and; ₱280.00 in other areas in the region. Meanwhile, workers in establishments employing not more than 10 workers will have new daily minimum wage rates of ₱285.00 in Baguio and La Trinidad; ₱280.00 in Tabuk City, Bangued, Bontoc, Lagawe, Banawe, Buguias, Bauko, Sagada, and Tublay; ₱270.00 in other areas in the region.

            In Bicol region, the new minimum wage rates for establishments in the private sector are ₱290.00 for those with 10 or more workers and ₱280.00 for the rest of the establishments effective June 2, 2017.

            The new Wage Orders allow exemption only for establishments adversely affected by calamities such as natural and human-induced disasters and those that are prescribed by existing laws and guidelines.

            Wage Order No. RB CAR-18 was published in Baguio Midland Courier on May 21, 2017 and Wage Order No. RB V-18 was published in Bicol Mail on May 18, 2017.

Posted:  May 30, 2017



RTWPB-NCR launches Lean Management Training

            RTWPB-NCR and the NWPC launched its new productivity training module on Lean Management held on March 30, 2017 at the NWPC Conference Room, DY Int'l. Bldg., Malate, Metro Manila.

            This module aims to provide establishments basic knowledge on eliminating wastes in all its processes and procedures to better serve the needs of its customers. The newest training will form part of NWPC's Productivity Toolbox and will be cascaded in all regions nationwide.

            The launch was participated in by several MSMEs based in Metro Manila.

Posted:  May 29, 2017



Domestic workers in 4 regions get minimum wage hike

            The Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Boards CAR, II, V, and VII recently approved new Wage Orders for domestic workers in their respective regions.

            Starting May 8, 2017, the monthly minimum wage for domestic workers in the Cordillera Administrative Region will be ₱3,000 for those working in cities and first class municipalities and ₱2,500 in other municipalities.

            In Cagayan Valley, a monthly minimum wage of ₱2,500, region-wide, was set for domestic workers effective May 29, 2017.

            In Bicol region, the Board approved Wage Order No. RB V-DW-01 setting a monthly minimum wage of ₱3,000 for those working in cities and first class municipalities and ₱2,500 in other municipalities beginning June 2, 2017.

            Through the issuance of Wage Order No. RB VII-DW-01, domestic workers in Central Visayas are entitled to receive wages not lower than the monthly minimum wage of ₱3,000 for those working in cities and first class municipalities and ₱2,500 in other municipalities starting April 13, 2017.

            The said wage orders will apply to all domestic workers, whether on a live-in or live-out arrangement, including general house helpers, cook, gardener, laundry person or any person who regularly performs domestic work in a household on an occupational basis.

Posted:  May 26, 2017



NWPC conducts Learning Sessions on labor standards, occupational safety and health

            Learning sessions on General Labor Standards (GLS) and Occupational Safety and Health were organized by the NWPC at the NWPC Conference Room on March 16 and 29, respectively.

            NWPC Director Atty. Jamie-Lyn Jamias Garcia and Training Specialist Joyce Ann O. Dela Cruz of the Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC) served as speakers during the said learning sessions.

            The Learning Session is one of the advocacy programs of the NWPC for educating and apprising the public on labor and employment laws, policies and programs.

Posted:  May 10, 2017



RTWPB-NCR shares Productivity 101 to QC-Sikap Buhay Beneficiaries

            RTWPB-NCR conducted the Productivity 101-LHP (Labor Relations, Human Relations and Productivity) orientation to QC-Sikap Buhay beneficiaries at the Legislative Hall, City Hall of Quezon City on March 14, 2017.

            Productivity 101-LHP focuses on workplace productivity improvement as a shared goal and responsibility of both workers and enterprises and how this, in turn, can foster and strengthen good workplace relations.

            The Sikap Buhay of Quezon City leads the implementation of the city government’s entrepreneurship and micro-finance program known as Puhunang Pangkaunlaran ng Sikap Buhay or the PPSB which provides access to facilities, non-collateral and no interest loan facilities for small entrepreneurs in partnership with some cooperatives.

Posted:  May 9, 2017



RTWPB-III launches Project “Ditak Kabiyasnan”

            To provide information access to micro and small establishments, RTWPB-III launched Project “Ditak Kabiyasnan” on March 24, 2017 in Angeles, Pampanga.

            “Ditak Kabiyasnan” is a Kapampangan term for “small knowledge”, which the Board conceptualized to enhance access of small establishments to basic information on wages and productivity. The project was also in response to the call of DOLE Region III Director and RTWPB Chairperson Atty. Ana C. Dione for the Board Secretariat to intensify their information campaign.

Posted:  May 8, 2017



RTWPB II joins NCMB RO II in Area-Wide LMC Convergence Program

            RTWPB-II joined the National Conciliation Mediation Board Regional Office II (NCMB RO II) in the conduct of an area-wide Labor Management Convergence (LMC) Program on March 9, 2017 at the Mango Suites Hotel Santiago City, Isabela. Also present were representatives of other DOLE agencies such as the Occupational Safety & Health REU-II, and Employees Compensation Commission REU-II who also oriented the participants of their programs and services.

            The Board oriented some 42 MSMEs on the Productivity Toolbox and the 2017 Productivity Olympics, emphasizing the importance of labor management cooperation in implementing productivity improvement programs.

Posted:  May 5, 2017



RTWPB-I conducts Productivity Trainings in Pangasinan, La Union

            RTWPB I conducted a series of productivity trainings in Pangasinan and La Union last February and March 2017.

            In Rosales, Pangasinan, 15 participants from the service industry participated in the training on 5S and Green Productivity with Ms. Virginia Imelda Salvador and Mr. Ben Donglayan of RTWPB-I as resource persons.

            The Board also oriented 73 establishments on Productivity 101 and gainsharing during the Stakeholders Orientation organized by DOLE RO I in Dagupan and Urdaneta, Pangasinan and San Fernando, La Union.

Posted:  May 4, 2017



NWPC conducts 1st Quarterly ISO Internal Audit

            Selected NWPC and RTWPB staff conducted the first quarter ISO internal audit as part of the implementation of the NWPC Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015) on March 20-24, 2017. The auditors are currently preparing their audit reports for action of the concerned Program Managers and the same shall be presented during the 1st NWPC-Management Review for 2017.

            Prior to this, the NWPC organized a training to build its pool of internal auditors to ensure effective implementation of NWPC-QMS. This was participated by 18 staff from the CO and the Boards.

Posted:  May 3, 2017



NWPC conducts capacity building on wage and wage-related statistics

            The NWPC conducted a training program on wage and wage-related statistics to strengthen the technical capacities of the CO and the Board secretariats in assisting the Commission and Boards proper in the implementation of wage and productivity policies and programs.

            The training was held at the Lotus Garden Hotel on March 29-30, 2017, with NWPC Deputy Executive Director Patricia P. Hornilla, Ms. Pinky O. Reyes, and Mr. Manuel L. Laopao as resource persons.

            The topics covered during the two-day training were labor statistics framework, statistical methodologies and measurement, wage and labor productivity statistics, labor market analysis, and statistical report writing.

Posted:  May 2, 2017



NWPC oriented on Government Procurement Reform Act

            The Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) members, BAC-Technical Working Group (TWG), and Division Chiefs of NWPC participated in the training on the 2016 Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations on the Government Procurement Reform Act by Atty. Tareeq Yahya Timhaw A. Radjaie of the Government Procurement Policy Board (GPPB) at the NWPC Conference Room on March 20, 2017. The training was organized primarily to apprise the BAC members and TWG on changes in the procurement law, threreby prevent non-compliance with said rules.

Posted:  April 24, 2017



NWPC joins PCW in celebrating the National Women's Month

            The NWPC participated in the National Women's Month celebration led by the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) at the GSIS Theatre, Pasay City on March 8, 2017.

            This year's theme We Make Change Work for Women, emphasizes women's role in bringing about positive changes in society. Prima Ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, First District of Bataan Representative Geraldine Roman, and Atty. Jennifer Tauli Corpuz of Tebtebba Foundation shared their inspiring stories as advocates of women empowerment in the country.

Posted:  April 21, 2017



NWPC bags CSC’s PRIME-HRM Maturity Level III

            The National Wages and Productivity Commission (NWPC) obtained Maturity Level III under the Civil Service Commission's (CSC) Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM) for initiating innovations in HR management programs and systems. This makes NWPC one of the two government agencies in the country conferred with such recognition.

            NWPC Executive Director Maria Criselda R. Sy and Deputy Executive Director Jeanette T. Damo formally received the Certificate of Recognition from the CSC during the awarding ceremonies at the Novotel in Cubao, Quezon City on March 8, 2017.

            With an HR Maturity Level III, the NWPC now has the authority to take final action on appointments and implement its own HR programs and systems without prior approval from the CSC.

            Under the PRIME-HRM, the CSC assesses the maturity of an agency's competencies, systems and practices in four (4) HR core areas: (1) Recruitment, Selection, and Placement, (2) Performance Management, (3) Learning and Development, and (4) Rewards and Recognition.

Posted:  April 20, 2017



NWPC, ECOP ink partnership for the Productivity Toolbox and 2TWS

            The NWPC and Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) inked their partnership agreement for the advocacy and implementation of Productivity Toolbox and Two-Tiered Wage System (2TWS) at the Henry Sy Auditorium, Saint Lukes Hospital, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City on March 24, 2017.

            The MOU was signed by DOLE Undersecretary Bernard P. Olalia in behalf of DOLE Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III and ECOP Acting President Sergio Luis-Ortiz in behalf of ECOP President Donald G. Dee. NWPC Executive Director Maria Criselda R. Sy and ECOP Deputy Director General Jose Roland A. Moya witnessed the MOU signing.

            Under the MOU, the Productivity Toolbox and 2TWS will form part of the package of assistance to be offered by the ECOP local chapters to its members.

            In his message before the ECOP members, Undersecretary Bernard P. Olalia said “As part of our mandate, we are more than privileged to provide training and consulting services on productivity improvement programs, conduct orientations on our wage orders, and assist you in designing and developing productivity-based incentive schemes.”

Posted:  March 24, 2017




            DOLE RO-I and RTWPB-I conducted a Stakeholders Orientation on DOLE Programs and Services in the City of San Fernando, La Union last January 25 to help raise awareness and compliance to minimum wages and basic occupational safety and health standards (BOSH).

            The Board oriented the participants on the concept of productivity based incentive schemes. In urging companies to adopt such schemes, the Board presented a user-friendly sample incentive scheme that can be readily adopted by establishments. Towards the end of the orientation, the participants were asked to provide initial plans of action towards the adoption of a productivity incentive scheme.

            RTWPB I is set to conduct similar orientations in the rest of the region.

Posted:  March 22, 2017



NWPC conducts back-to-back Learning Sessions

            Back-to-back learning sessions were organized by the NWPC last February 21 and 28, on General Labor Standards (GLS) and Post-Employment, respectively.

            NWPC Director Atty. Jamie-Lyn Jamias Garcia and DOLE Legal Service Atty. John Ronnel Diana served as speakers during the said learning sessions.

            The NWPC’s Learning Session is a facility for educating and apprising the public on labor and employment laws, policies and programs.

Posted:  March 17, 2017



RTWPB-NCR joins PESO-Pasay Employer’s Forum

            RTWPB-NCR participated in the Employer’s Forum organized by the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) of Pasay at the Session Hall of the Local Government of Pasay City on February 17, 2017.

            With the theme: “Bridging for a Vibrant Relationship as Partners in Pasay City Economic Growth”, the forum aimed to strengthen the partnership between the local government and the business community.

            RTWPB-NCR Board Secretary Mr. Kim S. Lagcao talked about the impact of productivity improvement to the organization’s performance. He also discussed the various productivity interventions of the Board under the Productivity Toolbox, emphasizing that these interventions are designed to help MSMEs become more viable and competitive. He also encouraged companies with notable productivity improvement programs to join the 2017 Productivity Olympics.

            The activity was attended by various employers’ organizations, government employees, Barangay Chairpersons, Barangay constituents, and other stakeholders. Gracing the event were Pasay City Mayor Antonino G. Calixto, as keynote speaker and Congresswoman Emi Calixto Rubiano.

Posted:  March 16, 2017



RTWPB-II conducts Productivity Toolbox Orientation

            RTWPB II conducted an orientation on the Productivity Toolbox to thirty seven (37) employees of SM Cauayan City at the 4th floor Training Room of SM Administrative Building in Cauayan, Isabela on February 15, 2017.

            The orientation was in coordination with the Employees Compensation Commission (ECC) Regional Office II spearheaded by Ms. Remedios Andrada.

            The orientation aimed to raise awareness on minimum wage setting and the package of training and technical services under the Productivity Toolbox.

Posted:  March 15, 2017



RTWPB Caraga conducts Productivity 101 to 300 workers

            RTWPB Caraga conducted six sessions of Productivity 101 to 300 workers of Wing-On Incorporated from February to March 2017 as part of the Workers Enhancement Program initiated by the company's HR department.

            This is part of the continuous productivity improvement program of Wing-On since becoming a beneficiary of the Productivity programs of the Board.

            "Employees play a significant role in the growth and success of an establishment. We have to enhance their talents and skills to be competitive and to do that, we have to, first, adopt a productivity and quality culture and mindset," Mr. Earl D. Dela Victoria said.

Posted:  March 14, 2017



RTWPB II promotes Productivity Toolbox among employers

            Speaking before the new officers of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) Cagayan Chapter Inc., Board Secretary Ms. Heidelwina M. Tarrosa affirmed its partnership and shared the vision with PCCI to support the growth of MSMEs through productivity improvement. To this end, she encouraged employers to avail of the various training and technical services under the Productivity Toolbox.

            The induction of PCCI - Cagayan's new officers was held last February 09 at Hotel Carmelita Events Place, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan.

            Present in the event were entrepreneurs, guests and other partner agencies like the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Technical and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB). Engr. Alfonso I. Lao, Area Vice President for North Luzon and Board Member of RTWPB-CAR were guest speakers.

Posted:  March 13, 2017



Wage Boards in Central, Eastern Visayas approve wage increase

            The Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Boards in Central and Eastern Visayas approved the wage increase for minimum wage earners in the private sector in their respective regions.

            Starting March 10, 2017, minimum wage earners in Central Visayas will receive a P13 daily wage increase. This brings the highest minimum wage in the region to P366 for non-agriculture in Class A covering the cities of Carcar, Cebu, Danao, Lapulapu, Mandaue, Naga, Talisay and Municipalities of Compostela, Consolacion, Cordova, Liloan, Minglanilla, San Fernando, or Expanded Metro Cebu.

            Minimum wage earners in the Cities of Toledo, Bogo, and the rest of Municipalities of Cebu except Bantayan and Camotes Islands will receive a new daily rate of P333. Those working in Tagbilaran city and all municipalities of Bohol and Negros Oriental will receive P323 while those in Class D covering the municipalities of Siquijor, Bantayan and Camotes islands will receive P308.

            For the non-sugar agriculture sector, the new daily minimum wage rates are P348 for Class A, P318 for Class B, P303 for Class C, and P288 for Class D. Meanwhile, those working in the sugar industries will receive P316 for Class A and P303 for Classes B, C, and D.

            On the other hand, workers in Eastern Visayas will receive an additional P10 to P25 in their daily minimum wage starting February 12.  The region’s new daily minimum wage rates are: P285 in non-agriculture, including sugar mills; P253 in cottage/handicraft; P245 in retail/service establishments with 10 or less workers; P275 in the retail/service establishments with 11 to 30 workers; P251 in the non-sugar agriculture sector, and; P245 in sugar farms. The new issuance maintains the P7.00 Cost-of-living allowance (COLA) under the previous Wage Order.
            The new Wage Orders allow exemption only for establishments adversely affected by calamities such as natural and human-induced disasters and those that are prescribed by existing laws and guidelines.

Posted:  March 9, 2017



NWPC and RTWPBs plan for 2017

           The NWPC and RTWPBs look forward to a more productive 2017, fresh from its corporate planning exercise held at Golden Phoenix Hotel on February 22-23, 2017 with Undersecretary Bernard P. Olalia, Assistant Secretary Federico V. Abuan, Jr. and Executive Director Maria Criselda R. Sy presiding.

            Speaking in behalf of Secretary Silvestre Bello H. III, Undersecretary Olalia emphasized the alignment of wage and productivity policies with the Department’s major agenda to end illegitimate forms of contractualization, address unemployment and underemployment and enhance social protection for the vulnerable sectors.   
Meanwhile, Assistant Secretary Federico V. Abuan, Jr. called on the Boards to regularly review minimum wages even amid the clamor for an across-the-board wage increase and national living wage.  He also reiterated the instruction of Secretary Bello to be regularly updated on the status of wage issuances. In the area of productivity, he said interventions should focus on MSMEs which comprise bulk of the economy.  

            Both officials congratulated the NWPC and the boards for achieving and maintaining its ISO 9001:2015 certification and for achieving Maturity Level 3 under the CSC PRIME-HRM program.

            As inputs to the planning exercise, NEDA Assistant Director Bien Ganapin presented AmBisyon Natin 2040 which, being the embodiment of the “collective long-term vision and aspirations of the Filipino people in the next 25 years”, serves as anchor for development planning across at least four administrations.

            DOLE Planning Service Director Adeline T. De Castro discussed the goals and targets under the Disenteng Trabaho Para sa mga Manggagawang Pilipino: Patuloy Abutin sa 2017, highlighting the wage and productivity interventions in the priority  agenda of the Department.

            Deputy Executive Director Jeanette T. Damo presented the regional performance assessment in the area of Two-Tiered Wage System, Productivity Toolbox, Tamang Kaalaman sa Kita at Kakayanan, and Management Support Services. To set the strategic direction of the organization, Deputy Executive Director Patricia P. Hornilla presented the 2017 NWPC Policy and Program Thrusts to address the following priority areas for action of the Commission and the Boards: (i) demand for an across-the-board and national living wage; (ii) closing of the minimum wage-poverty threshold gaps; (iii) low or weak buy-in among enterprises of productivity incentive schemes; and (iv) low or weak buy-in among enterprises of productivity improvement programs.

            Meanwhile, Director Elvira P. Jota presented the 2017 NWPC and RTWPB indicative OPCR for each of the priority areas for action while Director Atty. Jamie-Lyn Jamias discussed the program strategies for 2017.  The Commission and the Boards agreed on the following strategies/activities to address priority issues:  (i) assessment of the implementation of the current minimum wage system and analysis of the impact of an across-the-board and national living wage; (ii) preparation of action plans to close the minimum wage-poverty threshold gaps by 2022; (iii) redesigning advocacy strategies and materials to suit the needs of target beneficiaries; and (iv) continuous review and enhancement of productivity training modules and delivery modalities.

            In closing, Executive Director Maria Criselda R. Sy expressed gratitude to the participants and said that in clarifying the new priorities, the Commission and the Boards would implementation of wage and productivity policies and programs effectively initiatives of similar nature within and outside the Department.

Posted:  March 8, 2017




RTWPB-NCR kicks off 2017 Productivity Olympics

            RTWPB-NCR officially kicked off the 2017 Productivity Olympics (PO) - NCR during the Regional Inter-Agency Coordinating and Monitoring Committee (RICMC) meeting at DOLE - NCR last January 24.

            The activity is in preparation for the 2017 National Productivity Olympics and in celebration of the Quality and Productivity Month in October.

            Present during the launching were RICMC members from the DOLE agencies, DOLE Field Office Directors, Regional Tripartite Industrial Peace Council (RTIPC), and PESO Associations, among others.

            RTWPB - NCR Board Secretary Kim S. Lagcao presented the criteria, mechanics, and the past PO winners through an audio-visual presentation. He also requested the participants to prompt potential MSMEs to join the competition and be the next productivity champion.

Posted:  February 6, 2017



NWPC DEDs reappointed

            NWPC Deputy Executive Director Patricia P. Hornilla and Jeanette T. Damo were reappointed and took their oath before DOLE Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III during the flag raising ceremony at the DOLE Labor Governance Learning Center on January 19, 2017.

            Joining them were the newly appointed Undersecretary Claro A. Arellano and reappointed Assistant Secretary Joji V. Aragon. They were among the 35 officials of the DOLE and its attached agencies who took their oaths before Secretary Bello.

Posted:  February 6, 2017



ISO 9001:2015 First Surveillance Audit

            The NWPC and eight of its Regional Boards - RTWPB NCR, CAR, IVA, VI, VII, X, XI, and XII passed its first ISO 9001:2015 surveillance audit by TÜV Rheinland (TUVR) last January 23-25.

            Prior to this, ISO 9001:2015 certification was awarded to NWPC and RTWPBs NCR, III, and IVA on March 17, 2016 wherein a regular surveillance audit is necessary to monitor compliance to international standards.

            The surveillance audit commenced with an opening meeting between NWPC/RTWPB management and auditees and TUVR auditors. The audit covered regional operations, top management, internal quality audit/corrective action, policy formulation/conduct of research, customer feedback, human resource development, records management, annual planning performance review, procurement, appeals resolution management, disbursement, and facilities/equipment/vehicles preventive maintenance.

            Having found no non-conformities, the auditors recommended the continuation of the NWPC/RTWPBs certification under ISO 9001:2015. The NWPC/RTWPBs, however, need to act on 25 opportunities for improvements found during the audit.

Posted:  February 6, 2017



General labor standards is NWPC's 1st learning session for 2017

            NWPC held its learning session last January 27 with the topic "General Labor Standards" with Dir. Jamie-Lyn Jamias, Director of the Policy and Research Services, as resource person.

            With the aim of educating the public on labor and employment policies and programs; the topic covered standards on hours of work, overtime pay and night shift differential, leave benefits, holiday pay, principle of non-diminution of benefits, computation of monetary benefits using the prevailing wage rates, and rules on the payment of wages.

Posted:  February 6, 2017



2017 DOLE-wide Planning and Target Setting Exercise

            The 2017 DOLE-wide Planning and Target Setting Exercise was held last January 17 at the Occupational Safety and Health Center. This was attended by the DOLE Senior Officials, heads of bureaus, services and attached agencies and the Regional Directors.

            Anchored on Ambisyon Natin Disenteng Trabaho para sa Manggagawang Pilipino: Patuloy abutin sa 2017", the DOLE's major agenda are: (i) full respect for labor standards and fundamental principles of rights at work (ii) address persistent unemployment and underemployment (iii) bring more focus and accessibility in workers' protection and welfare programs, and (iv) continuously strengthen protection and security of our overseas Filipino workers. For each of these agenda, the desired outcome or vision was discussed as basis of the key performance indicators and corresponding targets that each agency is accountable for.

            To ensure coherence of policy and program implementation, each cluster presentation highlighted agency-level contribution to the four major agenda. This will be the basis of the Agency Office Performance Commitment Review (OPCR).

Posted:  February 6, 2017



NWPC gears up for 2017, holds CO corporate planning exercise

            The NWPC held its corporate planning exercise last Febraury 1 at the NWPC Conference Room. OIC-Executive Director Patricia Hornilla welcomed the participants and presented the results of DOLE YEPA emphasizing the DOLE's major agenda and the agency's commitments to achieve the vision for each of the following agenda: Full respect and more inclusive social dialogue; Just simplified, and expeditious resolution of all labor disputes; DOLE as efficient purposeful, and accountable institution; and Responsive, enabling, and equitable policies.

            Ms. Lourdes M. Secillano, head of the Planning and Information Division presented the 2016 NWPC accomplishments and the status of 2016 corporate planning agreements. Meanwhile, Deputy Executive Director Jeanette T. Damo and Director Elvira P. Jota presented the NWPC program directions and Quality Management System commitments, respectively.

            The program managers presented their strategies to address the policy and operational issues/challenges faced in 2016. They also presented their 2017 plans/commitments and targets.

Posted:  February 6, 2017



NWPC conducts annual financial and UACS workshop

            In line with the internal government compliance, the NWPC through its Financial and Management Division (FMD) conducted its annual financial and UACS online submission workshop last January 16-20.

            The seminar was participated by the FMD staff as well as the accountants and budget designates of the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Boards.

            In her opening remarks, Deputy Executive Director Jeanette T. Damo said that the participants need to learn the revised government accounting and auditing code as well as the updated accounting, auditing, and budget rules and regulations of the different oversight government agencies to come up with accurate reports and if possible, zero audit observation.

            FMD Chief Editha M. Saus presented the 2017 budget and instructions for the preparation of final reports. The participants were also apprised on recent COA and DBM issuances.

            In closing, Deputy Executive Director Damo emphasized the responsibilities of the participants in managing the financial resources of the Boards, the timely submission of accurate financial reports and, most importantly, in securing an “unqualified opinion” status in its audit findings.

Posted:  February 6, 2017



RTWPB CAR holds first public consultation in 2017

            RTWPB - CAR welcomed 2017 with a series of public consultations in Kalinga last January 10 and in Apayao and Abra last January 12 for a possible pay increase for minimum wage earners and domestic workers in the region.

            According to RTWPB-CAR Board Secretary Augusto Aquillo, initial consultations were held in Benguet, Ifugao, and Mountain Province in the last two months of 2016.

            The current minimum wage rate for workers in private establishments in the Cordilleras ranges from P255 to P285.

            On the minimum wage for domestic workers, Board Secretary Aquillo said there is a demand to raise the minimum wage for domestic workers which are currently set at P2,500 for those working chartered cities and first class municipalities and P2,000 for those working in other municipalities.

Posted:  February 6, 2017